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BK305 Efficient Copper Sulfide Collector

Published on:2023-01-12



This product information is specially compiled for efficient collector BK305 in the flotation process of copper sulfide and copper-molybdenum sulfide ore. BK305 can efficiently recover copper sulfide, copper-molybdenum sulfide and associated precious metals gold and silver in the flotation process of sulfide ore.

The new reagent BK305 developed by BGRIMM has a good collection effect on copper sulfide and molybdenum sulfide, and has a weak effect on pyrite, which can enhance the recovery of associated precious metals gold and silver.

Use Instructions

Stock solution to be added.

Since the nature, grade, pH, and harmful element of the ore will affect the dosage, it is recommended to conduct a laboratory test by referring to its best conditions. The reagent consumption per ore is typically 20g~50g.

The pH range of the pulp is pH 8-9.

The reagent effect is not necessarily excellent with excessive dosage. A systematic comparison experiment is required to be carried out before application.

Product Advantages

BK305 can collect copper sulfide ore selectively, but has a weak collection capacity for pyrite, while traditional copper-selective reagents such as xanthates (xanthates) have a strong collection capacity for sulfide ore, with poor selectivity.

The use of BK305 is beneficial to the recovery of precious metals and can increase the recovery rate of gold and silver.

BK305 is general chemicals, easily to manage, with good workshop environment.

Process Control During Test

During the test, a detailed comparison experiment should be completed. The stock solution is directly added during industrial production, and the operation is easy


To ensure the success of the test, the formulation of the preliminary test plan and laboratory tests are crucial. Our customers are required to provide the detailed process flow and actual production status, based on which our engineers will discuss with our customers together and formulate a use method suitable the nature of the ore and the actual site to give full play to the advantages of the product.