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Froth BK208

Published on:2023-01-12

1. Application

Froth BK208 is mainly used in froth flotation process, which has strong froth force and high selectivity. Compared with conventional froth terpenic oil, BK208 product has stable quality with few impurities and good using effect, which is easily for biological degradation.

2. Chemical property

Froth BK208 is a kind of orange - brown transparent oily liquid, which has special organic smell, and is slightly soluble in water, of which quality is stable. It is a composite safe and high effective froth.

Specific gravity0.91g/cm3 22 ºC

Flash point>60°C

Vapor density(air =1)>1

Boiling point>115°C

Freezing point<-20°C

Effective composition: flotation active substance content96%

3. Addition principle

To add with stock solution, dosage could be decided according to producing conditions and designed norms by relevant technical personnel.

4.Package and storage

This froth is packaged in galvanized plastic barrels, 950kg/barrel, sunshine and bottom upside down is prohibited. It should be stored in a cool place and transported according to general chemical products.