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Lime Replacement Reagent BK506

Published on:2023-01-12

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The new reagent BK506 developed by BGRIMM has an excellent inhibitory effect on pyrite, pyrrhotite, etc., while its inhibitory effect on chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, etc. is weak and can be ignored. Therefore, BK506, a high effective reagent for pyrite, lead ore, zinc ore, copper-zinc ore, lead-zinc ore and copper-lead-zinc ore, has obvious effects on inhibiting pyrite and improving the grade of concentrate.

Use Instructions

l Add stock solution or prepare 5%-20% mass concentration aqueous solution.

l The dosage can refer to the original sodium cyanide dosage. Since the nature, grade, pH, and harmful element of the ore will affect the dosage, it is recommended to conduct a laboratory test and then refer to its optimal conditions.

l The pH range of the pulp is pH 8-9.

l The reagent effect is not necessarily excellent with excessive dosage. A systematic comparison experiment is required to be carried out before application.

BK506 Advantages

l The use of BK506 can improve the recovery rate of gold and silver, while lime has different degrees of inhibition on precious metals such as gold, silver and molybdenum in the ore, which is not good to the recovery of precious metals.

l The use of BK506 can be added as a stock solution or added as a 50% mass concentration aqueous solution, which can effectively eliminate the problems of using lime. For example, the amount of lime is large, and milk must be made to complicate the production process, the froth concentrate is sticky, and the pipeline is easy to scale, etc.


Before using the reagent, a laboratory experiment is required to be carried out to explore the best dosage of the reagent and the cyanide concentration to provide a data basis for industrial applications.

To ensure the success of the test, the formulation of the preliminary test plan and laboratory tests are crucial. Our customers are required to provide the detailed process flow and actual production status, based on which our engineers will discuss with our customers together and formulate a use method adapts to the nature of the ore and is suitable for the actual site to give full play to the advantages of the product